USA Cargo & Courier can expedite your urgent air freight shipments. No matter what the size, weight, or urgency of your order, USA Cargo will get your product to your customer. On-Time Every Time. With our strong network of agents, USA Cargo & Courier is the only call you have to make. We will arrange pick-up or delivery of cargo from any worldwide destination.



With our contract with major steamship lines, USA Cargo can provide you with very competitive ocean freight services. Any worldwide destination is at your reach, we handle full container loads or loose cargo. Whether you need a direct shipment on a specific flight or a consolidation from different vendors, USA Cargo & Courier offers a service schedule that suits your needs



Door to door service is never a problem with USA Cargo. Our professional staff and customs clearance services are the best in the industry. Shipments can be cleared up to 24 hrs. prior to shipment arriving, guaranteeing the quickest service posssible.



Our services begin with pick-up at the suppliers door. Whether it’s an urgent piece that must be at the hub for a connection or a large piece that needs to be shipped by ground transportation, USA Cargo is there.

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